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White Papers

Value on Investment: Exploring the Benefits of Employee Wellbeing Beyond Cost Savings


Delve into the intangible benefits that a thriving workforce brings. Boosting engagement, creativity, and innovation. Investing in employee health and wellbeing is more than just saving money – it's about unlocking a hidden treasure trove of value for your business. 

Workplace Wellness: Nourishing Hearts and Minds with Healthy Lifestyle


Highlights the profound benefits of a heart-healthy diet and active lifestyle in improving mental wellbeing. Central to this approach is the promotion of a workplace culture that motivates employees towards healthier eating and active living, essential for boosting engagement, productivity, and retention. 

How Investing in a Healthy Workforce Drives Business Success


In this white paper by Dr. Lidia Konkol (PhD), we explore the impact of prioritising employee health and wellbeing on your business success. Learn the impact of chronic disease on the workplace, how to effectively motivate sustainable health improvements and successfully measure impact on your business. Start your journey towards becoming the Employer of Choice.

Championing Healthy Diets and Lifestyles in the Retail Trade Industry

MonitorYou-whitepaper-lifestyles-retail-trade-industryAustralia's retail industry faces a silent enemy: chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. These aren't just personal problems – they're a concern for productivity, employee turnover, and your bottom line. This white paper reveals the hidden risks in your workforce.


Trajan's MonitorYou Healthy Heart Program - How it works

Embark on your personal health journey: MonitorYou offers easy, informative, actionable and frequent health monitoring by measuring your body’s key biomarkers. Track your wellness improvements over time. Let’s go on this journey together!

Chat with Belinda Whittle, General Manager of Trajan Analytical Services

Discover the benefits of Trajan's MonitorYou Healthy Heart program in our chat with Belinda Whittle, General Manager of Trajan Analytical Services. Learn how it enhances employee wellbeing and positions organisations as "employer of choice" in a time of heightened turnover.

Interview with Dr. Andrew Gooley - Insights into Trajan's MonitorYou Healthy Heart program

What is a biomarker, and why is frequent self-monitoring important for heart health? Join us for an engaging chat with Dr. Andrew Gooley for insights into Trajan's MonitorYou Healthy Heart program.



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Guide: Critical Steps when Undertaking a new Corporate Wellness Program

setting-up-corporate-wellness-program-guide-1This concise guide outlines crucial steps for launching a corporate wellness program, emphasising the importance of securing both leadership and employee buy-in through a continuous feedback loop. Trajan offers support throughout this journey, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of wellness initiatives in the corporate environment.

Wellness Event Calendar


Download our 2024 Calendar of Wellness Events PDF. Inside, you'll find a curated list of important health awareness dates. Imagine employees empowered to prioritise their wellbeing, fuelled by engaging team events and challenges inspired by national and global health initiatives. Packed with curated dates and links to resources to guide you through the year. 



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