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Program Options


Ideal for customers that have existing health and wellness programs and are seeking to incorporate proactive measures to monitor the impact of these programs with tangible, actionable data. You will be provided with a dedicated program support officer who will work with your team to plan and implement the following:
  • Communication and engagement
  • Campaign – emails, posters, videos, etc.
  • Company-branded landing page for employee registration
  • Sample collection kits mailed at quarterly intervals to your employees at home
  • SMS and email updates to your employees on the results progress
  • Individual access to secure results portal
  • Personalised health tracking report to track progress and guidance on improvements
  • Management report (de-identified/aggregated)
  • Access to MonitorYou website with educational material and recommendations for a long-term sustainable healthy lifestyle
  • Medical officers follow up for any high-risk team members


The Monitoring+ program is designed for customers with a need for health and wellness education for their staff. It delivers the combination of health monitoring with an introductory, dietitian led workshop for employees on heart health and the risks of cardiovascular disease. Your employees will be provided with the knowledge and tools to help make lifestyle improvements to reduce their risks. Your organisation will benefit from the medical expertise of our experienced dietitian and frequent health monitoring to create lasting impact in your workplace.
  • The Monitoring+ program includes all components of the Monitoring program with the addition of the online Healthy Heart workshop delivered by a qualified dietitian. The presentation will be recorded and available to your team for the duration of the program.


The Premium program is designed for businesses looking for a customised, comprehensive, holistic health and wellness program.

  • This program includes all components of the Monitoring+ program and, in addition, provides an opportunity for your company to tailor the program to suit the needs of the business. Options include health and wellness workshops, fitness programs, and one on one dietitian results consultations.

Program Breakdowns





Online introduction to the program

Communication & engagement campaign  

Company-branded landing page  

Sample collection kits  

Progress results sent via SMS and email

Individual access to secure results portal 

Personalised health tracking report 

Medical Officer follow-up for any high-risk results 

Access to MonitorYou website 

Management report  

Dietitian Lead Healthy Heart workshop  


Additional custom program elements e.g.,  

  • Regular health workshops

  • Online fitness programs

  • Dietitian results consultation, etc.