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Analytical Laboratory Services

Quality-controlled monitoring services

At MonitorYou, we prioritise quality by conducting regular proficiency testing and participating in external quality control programs such as the National RCPAQAP and the International RIQAS.




Dried Blood Spot Accuracy

Dried blood spot analysis has been in use for over 50 years and has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy for our targeted biomarkers like HbA1c (Diabetes), hsCRP (Inflammation), Triglycerides (Fats), and Omega Fatty Acid analysis. In fact, studies have demonstrated that MonitorYou dried blood samples are comparable to traditional venous blood samples. To learn about our DBS collection method, click here.  

For detailed information on the MonitorYou biomarker analyses, please visit our Clinical Information page, where you can find performance and assay specifications.


Offering organisations a way to monitor health confidentially.

  • Discreet sample collection:

    Take a simple fingerprick sample at home, privately, and at your convenience. Send it to our lab for analysis using the supplied reply-paid envelope.

  • Personal sharing:

    You have full control over sharing your results with whomever you choose. It is your health, your journey.

  • Confidential Results Delivery:

    Receive your results securely on a dedicated website with a password-protected login. Your personal information and individual results remain confidential and will never be shared with your employer.

  • Complementing Healthcare:

    MonitorYou is an additional tool to track your health in response to lifestyle improvements while still relying on the guidance of a personal healthcare professional.

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Journey to Better Health With MonitorYou®

Embark on your personal health journey:

MonitorYou offers easy, informative, actionable and frequent health monitoring by measuring your body’s key biomarkers. Track your wellness improvements over time.

 Let’s go on this journey together!