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Becoming an Employer of Choice
Starts With The Right Wellness Plan

Let your team know they're valued by offering an effective wellness program that can provide potentially life-changing health insights. And enjoy the benefits of a healthier workforce, which can increase productivity and attractiveness as an employer.

  • Discover how MonitorYou distinguishes itself from other wellness programs, providing a long-term solution that is easy to implement and non-disruptive to staff. 

  • By monitoring key biomarkers, your staff will learn and understand how different lifestyle choices may reduce their risk of disease.

How Does The Program Work?

  1. Internal promotional campaign

    A complete promotional package is provided with the program, including an online education seminar, animations, videos, posters, and an email campaign to raise awareness and encourage participation.

  2. Distribution of sample collection kits

    MonitorYou sample collection kits are supplied directly to employees at home.

  3. Staff members collect their sample

    Staff members collect their sample at a time and place that suits them, full instructions are provided, and no special training is required.

  4. Post sample to the laboratory

    Samples are returned in the reply-paid envelope via Australia Post to the MonitorYou laboratory for analysis.

  5. Staff members receive their individual results

    Employees receive their individual results via a secure website where they can track improvements to their health.

  6. Employer receives a collated de-identified report

    Workplaces with more than 50 participating employees will receive a de-identified collated results report* providing insight into their employee population and impact of the program.

    *Must have 50 returned samples to protect employee privacy


Access Our Knowledge Library

Access our curated knowledge base that explores and analyses the impact of a healthy workforce on your organisation's productivity and bottom line. Immerse yourself in informative whitepapers and video interviews with experts in the field and stay in the know with our Calendar of wellness events. This comprehensive resource hub is your key to understanding how wellbeing can elevate your organisation. Explore the possibilities for growth and vitality that the MonitorYou program can offer your business.