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Fitness organisations

MonitorYou empowers fitness coaches, gyms, and the sports industry with cardiovascular health monitoring, taking health management to new heights. Our specialised biomarker monitoring service is designed to meet the unique needs of these professionals, ensuring peak performance and optimal health. With MonitorYou, you can stay at the forefront of precision health, elevate your services, and empower your clients to achieve their peak cardiovascular performance.

Why choose MonitorYou?

  • Frequent cardiovascular insights:

    MonitorYou delivers convenient, frequent heart health monitoring. Our microsampling technology allows your customers to track key biomarkers for cardiovascular disease risk, including HbA1c (pre-diabetes), triglycerides, hsCRP (chronic inflammation), providing valuable data for optimising training and nutrition plans. Empower your clients with personalised insights that propel them towards peak performance and enhanced overall well-being.

  • Elevate your services:

    Partnering with MonitorYou sets you apart as an industry leader in fitness and sports performance. Offer your clients a holistic approach to health by integrating insightful health monitoring into your training programs. By providing data-driven and science-backed recommendations, you can enhance the value of your services and attract health-conscious athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Convenient remote monitoring:

    With MonitorYou's remote monitoring capabilities, your clients can effortlessly stay on top of their health to understand the impact of their diet and training program. Our secure and user-friendly platform allows athletes to track their biomarker trends from anywhere. Empower them to take charge of their health while optimising their training routines.

  • Scientifically-validated measurements:

    At MonitorYou, our team ensures that the data we provide is backed by the latest scientific research to provide your clients with the highest quality health information. Our service is accredited to ISO 15189 - a testament to the quality we provide.

  • Streamlined progress tracking:

    MonitorYou provides a simple way to add value to progress health tracking for your clients. Empower your athletes to set new performance goals and witness their achievements with data-backed evidence.

  • Unlock the full potential of cardiovascular health management:

    Choose MonitorYou today and revolutionise how you approach cardiovascular health in the fitness and sports industry. Elevate your services, attract health-conscious clients, and propel your athletes towards peak performance with data-driven precision.

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