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Industry Applications


Corporate Wellness

Let your team know they're valued by offering an effective wellness program that can provide potentially life-changing health insights. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier workforce, which can increase productivity and attractiveness as an employer.

  • Most wellness programs can often be difficult to introduce and be disruptive to staff. Learn how MonitorYou differs.

  • By monitoring key biomarkers, your staff will learn and understand how different lifestyle choices may reduce their risk of disease.

  • Our secure results portal and simple at-home fingerpick collection, offers a safe and simple wellness solution to in-office and remote employees.

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It is crucial to ensure your customers fully comprehend the health advantages provided by your products/services. To achieve this, MonitorYou offers a convenient and reliable method to acquire frequent and tangible data.

  • MonitorYou offers a simple at-home self-sampling procedure, that only requires a few drops of blood.

  • Our Health panel is ideal for those who need tangible evidence of health improvement.

  • Support your customer to stay motivated with actionable data even when it may feel they are plateauing.

  • Unlike traditional healthcare systems, MonitorYou provides a frequent, convenient, actionable, and cost-effective solution.

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Research Organisations

Are you seeking assistance in managing participant enrolment and ensuring compliance with your research study? Are you a clinical researcher specialising in cardiovascular disease (CVD) or nutrition, affiliated with a university, hospital, or research organisation, conducting studies on the impact of diet, exercise, or lifestyle programs on human health?

  • MonitorYou provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for regular monitoring of CVD risk biomarkers, offering benefits such as remote sample collection.

  • Unlike the conventional healthcare systems that are time-consuming, invasive, and expensive, MonitorYou offers an efficient approach to improve participant enrolment and compliance in clinical research studies.


Fitness Gyms, Sports

Are you a high-performance manager in national sporting codes or a fitness coach who is concerned about your client's fitness levels and aiming to optimise their performance? Are you interested in understanding the impact of fitness and nutrition programs through key cardiovascular biomarkers?

  • MonitorYou offers a comprehensive solution for easy and informative monitoring of CVD risk biomarkers.

  • The service is particularly valuable for individuals who want to assess the effectiveness of fitness programs on health and receive evidence-based interpretations of their fitness results in collaboration with their coach.