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Becoming an Employer of Choice: Elevate Your Work Culture with MonitorYou®


In today's competitive landscape, the concept of being an "Employer of Choice" has taken centre stage. It's a distinction that signifies an organisation's commitment to creating an environment where exceptional talent thrives and flocks to. In this pursuit, companies are exploring innovative ways to stand out from the commonplace and cultivate a work culture that attracts and retains top-tier professionals. So, what are some innovative compensation strategies that can help companies become an “Employer of Choice”?

Beyond Monetary Rewards: Innovative Compensation Strategies

While financial compensation remains important, forward-thinking organisations know money doesn’t always motivate employee performance or reduce employee attrition. As such, these organisations are increasingly adopting holistic compensation strategies to attract and retain top talent. Holistic compensation is a thorough and integrated approach that considers all dimensions of an employee's work experience, including salary, benefits, work-life balance, and professional growth.

It transcends the limitations of simple monetary incentives, aiming to support the complete wellbeing of the employee and, by extension, the Company's overall success. Here are some innovative ways in which a company can implement holistic compensation:


Creating a Supportive Work Environment: Acknowledging and supporting mental health in the workplace is no longer optional for employers of choice. The essence of a supportive work environment lies in day-to-day interactions and the overall ethos of the organisation. It's about fostering a sense of community and ensuring that employees feel valued and heard.


Wellness and Health Programs: Are a key component of a compensation plan. Organisations that offer health and wellness programs give employees the opportunity to proactively manage their overall wellbeing. Notably, certain Wellness Programs offer metrics that can be translated into actionable insights. This can especially motivate employees to improve their diets and lifestyles, making wellbeing a continuous priority. An example is Trajan’s MonitorYou corporate wellness program (visit: MonitorYou Solutions ).


Opportunities for Professional Growth: Championing continuous learning and skill development is a magnet for ambitious professionals. Offering opportunities for professional development, whether through workshops, courses, or conferences, signals a commitment to employee growth. Clearly defined career paths within the organisation are also pivotal. Employees are more likely to be engaged and committed when they see a trajectory for advancement and personal growth within the Company.


Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity: To attain the coveted title of "Employer of Choice," fostering a workplace culture that embraces inclusivity and diversity is paramount. Such an environment nurtures a sense of belonging among employees, regardless of their backgrounds and allows for diverse perspectives to come to the foreground while simultaneously fostering creative problem solving. 


Profit-Sharing and ESOPs: Acknowledging that employees play a pivotal role in achieving business success, offering them a stake in the Company's ownership is an effective way to recognise their contributions. Implementing profit-sharing models not only keeps employees motivated but also nurtures a culture of shared responsibility in building a thriving and profitable enterprise.


Your Path to Becoming an Employer of Choice

Supporting your team’s health and wellness is a good place to kickstart your compensation strategy. The MonitorYou® program was meticulously crafted to showcase your dedication to your team's wellbeing. Your staff are empowered through dietitian led education and remote self-sampling to regularly monitor their health from the privacy of their home. With our NATA accredited laboratory services in medical testing (ISO 15189) your employees will receive precise biomarker data, helping them understand the impact of diet and lifestyle on their wellbeing.

The MonitorYou program was designed to shift the focus from treating illnesses to empowering individuals to proactively maintain their health. Learn how providing tangible insights on ways to reduce heart disease, chronic inflammation, and pre-diabetes can improve retention and boost productivity. Support your staff's physical and mental health, and together, we can create a workplace where top talent thrives.