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Empower your customers, employees or team members to take control of their health

Trajan's innovative MonitorYou® program offers participants personalised health reports that reveal the impact of their diet and lifestyle choices—helping them improve their well-being through accessible, informative, and actionable monitoring. Don't settle for mediocre and infrequent health and wellness programs - upgrade to Trajan's MonitorYou Solutions for long-lasting health benefits.

How it works

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Step 1: Register

Participants enrol in the program and receive a sample collection kit delivered to home.

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Step 2: Collect & Return

Participants collect a simple fingerprick blood sample and mail it back reply-paid to our  Australian laboratory

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Step 3: View your Results

Results are delivered to participants via our secure website. Companies receive a de-identified, aggregated report on the health of their cohort.

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Step 4: Lifestyle Improvements

Participants implement healthy diet and lifestyle choices to improve health and continue to track with MonitorYou

With Trajan's MonitorYou program,
taking control of your health has never been easier.

Sample collection can be done from anywhere via our fingerpick micro-sample method, and with prepaid shipping, blood sampling has never been so convenient. Our accredited laboratory provides accurate and reliable health biomarker results that are securely delivered online. With optional educational dietitian-led workshops, you can offer your participants a fully comprehensive experience.

Who we serve

Trajan's MonitorYou Program is a valuable resource for a wide range of industries focused on health and wellness.


Value your team with a wellness program offering life-changing health insights. Benefit from a healthier workforce, boosting productivity and employer appeal. Discover how MonitorYou simplifies wellness programs while monitoring biomarkers to reduce disease risks and create lasting health benefits. Our secure portal and convenient at-home fingerprick collection ensure a safe and easy wellness solution for in-office and remote employees.



Seeking help with participant enrolment and compliance in your research study? If you specialise in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) or nutrition research and work at a university, hospital, or research organisation, MonitorYou offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. Our services include regular monitoring of CVD risk biomarkers, remote self-sampling, and regular reporting. Say goodbye to time-consuming visits to pathology for invasive blood sampling, and expensive healthcare systems - MonitorYou streamlines participant enrolment, reduces costs and increases compliance in clinical research studies.

Fitness Organisations

Optimise team performance and gauge the impact of fitness and nutrition programs on cardiovascular biomarkers with MonitorYou. Our comprehensive solution simplifies Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk biomarker monitoring, offering coaches insights into program effectiveness and providing evidence-based measurements to your team.


Nutrition/Wellness Companies

Experience MonitorYou's convenient and reliable health data monitoring, providing tangible evidence of the positive impact of your programs and products. With at-home self-sampling using a few drops of blood, our service provides an easy way to demonstrate the health benefits of your products. Keep your customers motivated with actionable data providing key health insights. Choose MonitorYou for a motivational and informative solution to keep your customers on track with their health improvements.

Why MonitorYou?

  • the word Confidential.

    Participants can take their finger prick sample where and when it suits them. Confidential results are then delivered via our secure website.

  • The word Easy.
    No need for participants to take time out of their busy schedules. Finger prick sampling can be collected at home.
  • The word Accurate
    Companies receive an informative consolidated data report, giving valuable insight into the health of their participants. Individuals in the program receive valuable insights into the impact lifestyle choices are having on their health to guide improvements.
  • actionable-results

    Management receive an informative consolidated de-identified data report, giving valuable insight into the health of their team.

  • the word frequent
    Our program is a great motivational tool to encourage long-term positive lifestyle choices. Supported by frequent health monitoring to provide tangible evidence of improvement.
  • flexible-program-options
    Receive an account manager to provide one-on-one support to tailor the program to your organisation’s needs. Flexible delivery options, distribution to multiple or single sites or directly to participants.